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OPN Capacities & Capabilities

Annual extrusion production capacity in excess of 50,000 metric tonnes
The OmniPET AeroGlide Dryer is the largest of its kind in Canada with multiple controllable temperature and cooling zones, allowing for the gentlest drying of high meat inclusion diets - this especially important in order to be able to produce highly palatable products.
OmniPET offers a unique micro-ingredient addition system allowing for complete individualization and proprietary uniqueness of a customer's diet.
Robotic samplers take programmed samples allowing for Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) throughout the production stages, all the way from raw materials receiving through to testing of finished goods into a bag.
Finished product composite samples are made available to customers allowing for third party testing and verification of finished goods quality parameters.
OmniPET's packaging capabilities include two high-speed lines, each capable handling all of paper, poly and woven bag materials. Packaging size formats are from 250 grams to 3 kilos and from 3 kilos up to 20 kilos.
EDI (Electronic Data Exchange) provides for on-line updates as to individual: ordering, processing, manufacturing, quality control inspection and assurance as well as shipping, logistics, packing slip, bill of lading and invoicing details.
In conjunction with customer electronic tracking platforms, OmniPET'S individual bag serialization allows for tracking of an individual bag though the point of sale transaction to an individual customer.


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