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Our Vision

OmniPET NUTRITION will be the leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality extruded pet food in Western Canada.

Our Mission

Every day, every time, in all that we do, OmniPET NUTRITION will deliver:

High performance, quality products

As the "Best in the West" OmniPET will conduct business based on close personal associations with our customers and suppliers. The OmniPET operating culture encourages and rewards our people to be engaged, to practice disciplined proactive, solution oriented thought, to take purposeful actions, contribute and be team members, and to have an unyielding commitment to continuously improve our products, procedures, protocols, customer relations and the environment in which we work.

We Have a Passion for Quality

As an organization and individually we are passionate about enhancing the lives and well-being of the animals that consume the food we make. At OmniPET quality of product extends throughout the value chain that begins with ingredient sourcing through to individual end-user consumers. Our vision for quality includes an appreciation for the emotional feeling and nutritional wellbeing a companion animal experiences, when eating the food we prepare.

We Cultivate Better Leadership

We are committed to a vigorous pursuit of our mission by developing people who share our passion, values, and standards of personal conduct and performance. We expect our people to practice respect, honesty, and prudence so as to protect the company and our customer's corporate as well as private label brand reputations and wealth. Everyone at OmniPET is accountable to customers through the outcome of the products we produce. Job security is granted by the customer satisfaction our products produce. We are committed, loyal and engaged in thinking about ways to continuously improve both our work and ourselves, in a pro-active, positive manner.

We Foster a Climate of Truth and Integrity

The OmniPET company culture insists on truth. We embrace current business realities, and encourage good decisions and processes, diligently executed. We ask tough questions and know that they will lead to the best possible insights without compromising our integrity. Positive, solution oriented and proactive staff operating as a team define our organization.

We Work to Improve our People and Technology

We strive to realize our organization's potential by optimizing technical processes with human ingenuity. We expect to be happy, knowledgeable, and mentally engaged while at work and healthy in our lives, balancing family with the rigors of the workplace. Recognition of achievements, positive reinforcement and financial reward and security of staff's employment are enshrined in the OmniPET operating culture, as well as in the financial and operating plans at OmniPET NUTRITION.

We are Customer Driven

In all that we do, our customers well being is foremost. At OmniPET this means being:

The lowest cost producer of extruded pet foods in Western Canada
Providing our customers with unsurpassed quality pet foods manufactured to our customers
exacting standards
Performing as an innovator and consultant to customers, allowing them to be first-to-market with new processing technologies, novel ingredients and leading edge profitable products.


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