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Welcome to OmniPET NUTRITION!

We are "Canada's Private Label Pet Food Specialist." As Western Canada's largest contract manufacturer of private label dry pet foods we provide the expertise, knowledge, resources and experience to design, produce, package and ship private label dry pet foods to Canadian as well as the USA, Pacific Rim and European markets.

Our extrusion manufacturing and production control process is handled by a customized Wenger pre-conditioner and extruder as well as a micro ingredient system allowing for custom formulation and addition of over 300 discrete ingredients. The state-of-the-art OmniPET facility is capable of producing a full range of extruded food products including dog and cat pet foods, as well as diets for ferrets, horses and aquarium/zoo animal feeding.

With huge extrusion capacity OmniPET offers "make-to-order" product production and supply, ensuring that only the freshest possible products are shipped, thus providing customers with maximum product shelf-life and additionally, with over 61,000 square feet of warehouse space, OmniPET offers precise inventory control as well as a segregated warehouse space allowing for "pick-n-pack" capabilities.

OmniPET has the technical competence and capacity and is able
to produce a full range of extruded dry pet food diets, including:

Mass/grocery type diets
Multi shape, multi color Kibbles n Bits type diets with moistures to 33%
Diets with fresh fruit and vegetable inclusions
Fresh meat diets with fresh meat inclusions up to 80%

OmniPET'S full scope of services includes:

Initial product development from concept to delivery of commercial shipments
In-house Nutritional consultations as well as external nutritional referral services
In depth and precise "rolled-up" product pricing based on full disclosure of all cost elements
Pilot-batch production capability allowing for manufacturing process and palatability benchmark evaluations
In-house graphical design and packaging consultation services


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